A day in the life

We have some really good friends of ours that I went to visit in the spring.  They wanted to do a sort of  “day(s) in the life” project with them while I was there, and I jumped at the chance.  I think these are so much fun, and really show the family as it is, unpolished, fun and real. I’d love to have an opportunity to book a day in the life session with a client.   If you’re interested, email me.  melissa@melissabrawner.com


Such a cutie pie even after she’s just woken up!



Bath time with Mom.






Lunch time with Dad. 967A4700-3 967A4708-4 967A4723-5


Storytime with Dad967A4737-6 967A4750-7 967A4765-8

Storytime with Mom

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Keepin’ it real with the documentation of a tantrum.


Emptying the laundry basket… I’m sure she was just trying to help!


Learning to walk

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