jama + jacob ~ heifer international ranch ~ perryville, ar

Sometimes the best wedding venues with the sweetest weddings just happen to be at home.  Jama and Jacob wanted to have their wedding at their home and land in Perryville, but mother nature decided that they needed to move it just a bit down the road to the shelter of Heifer Ranch.  It was a bit drizzly and rainy that day, but none of that dampened the spirits of the wedding party or the love that Jama and Jacob showed for each other that day.  Their house, where we took several of the grooms and groomsmen photos was solar powered, so we decided to let clean energy have a spot in some of the backdrops.  Thanks to Keegan Kapugal for his help in shooting the wedding!


I just loved their first look!  It was such a lovely and emotional moment.





There were so many unique details about Jama and Jacob’s wedding day! Their rings were tied around their favorite toy from their childhood and were taken up to the “altar” with them.  Jacob’s toy had me singing the Hulk Hogan theme “I am a Real American” in my head most of the day.




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