larnie + sean ~ Dunbar Community Gardens Wedding ~ White Water Tavern Reception ~ Little Rock, AR

Who would have thought a wedding in a small community garden in downtown Little Rock could turn out so amazingly beautiful? Larnie and Sean,  with the help of their super talented friends certainly pulled it off.  Check out these pictures from the rehearsal dinner and wedding day.  All of the thought and creativity put into this wedding made it truly unique. Congrats, Larnie and Sean!

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April 20, 2013 • Dunbar Community Garden & White Water Tavern, Little Rock

PhotographerMelissa Brawner Photography
Catering: Chef Michael Campbell & Aiesha Parker-Hicks; Johnathan Wilkins, White Water Tavern Kitchen, Little Rock
Dress: Repurposed by Missy Lipps Design
HeadpieceMemento Mori Salon, Little Rock
Groom’s attireThe Independent, Little Rock
Wedding musicLark in the Morning accompanied by Caroline Pierce 
Cake: Pearl Rodgers
Hair: Kim Carter, Caracalla, Little Rock
Makeup: Angela Alexander, Little Rock
Reception band: Honkey Tonk Angels and their Highway Hounds
Other musicians: Bart McCuin, Hayes and Jenna Carll

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