rachel + jeff ~ trash the dress ~ Bentonville, AR

So, I’ve seen many “Trash the Dress” sessions posted by photographers.  Some people do the shoots because they didn’t preserve their dress and just want one last hurrah with it, some do them because they’re recently divorced and just want to get rid of anything that reminds them of their past as a couple, and some people, like Rachel do it for their 10th wedding anniversary with their husband.  I couldn’t think of a better reason.  I was excited since it was my first trash the dress session, so I scouted for the perfect place for our session.  I found a nice creek in Bentonville with the perfect fall color, and on the day of our shoot, I put on my galoshes and captured Rachel and Jeff in the cold November water.  It was beautiful.

IMG_9662-1 IMG_9667-2 IMG_9683-3 IMG_9722-4 IMG_9724-5 IMG_9775-6 IMG_9846-7

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