road trippin’ through the delta ~ part 3

If you missed part one, you can find it HERE.  Or if you missed Part two you can find it HERE.

I grew up in the Arkansas Delta, in Wynne, AR.  It was a small town, and after graduation, I was determined to leave town and discover new places.  Now I find that after I’ve moved away, visited other states and other countries, I wanted to go back home and re-discover the Delta I was so determined to leave all those years ago.   A week long road trip was something that some friends and I had discussed doing, and a few weeks ago, we finally made this happen.

Day 3 was a fairly low key day.  We were still recovering from the previous late night at Red’s, so we got a late start, and really didn’t have a lot on the agenda.  Our exact goals for the day were

1.) To make it to Cleveland, MS for the sole purpose of getting a T-shirt from Delta State University with their mascot on it, which happens to be The Fighting Okra.  I know right?  A once in a lifetime opportunity.  Mission Accomplished, but sadly, no photo.

2.) To make it to Leland, MS to see the place where Jim Henson created Kermit the Frog.

3.) To stay at the Shack Up Inn for one more night.

One of the famous juke joints in Mississippi is Po Monkey’s, which was just outside of Cleveland, MS.  We knew it probably wouldn’t be open during a weekday, but we traveled down the miles of gravel road just to take a look.  The owner, Willie (Po Monkey himself), took a break from mowing and came over to greet us.  Do yourself a favor.  Click on the photo of Po Monkey’s juke joint and read all of the signs on the tiny building.  It’s SO worth it.

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We even found a nest full of baby birds in a sculpture outside of Po Monkey’s.

967A9845-2 967A9859-6 967A9868-7 967A9872-8

I was happy to get some of these farm, bird and field photos.  It reminded me of driving down the back roads around my hometown, like I did so many times when I was a teenager.

967A9879-10 967A9880-11 967A9916-15 967A9884-12 967A9895-13 967A9897-14

Finally we arrived at the Muppet Museum in Leland.  We made it just in time, about an hour before they closed.  I have so many fond memories of the Muppets and Jim Henson’s creations, from Sesame Street, to The Muppet Show, Muppet Babies, and The Dark Crystal.  This place was quite the jewel, having an original Kermit puppet on display.




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