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little miss hattie

It was an unusually nice August afternoon when I met Hattie and her parents out at Wilson Park.  You just can’t ask for a better baby than Hattie.  Cute as a button, happy as can be and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.

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welcome to the world, little miss katie!

two very good friends of mine recently had their first child.  i couldn’t wait to meet little miss Katie, so i promptly drove 9 hours to Texas to capture her first photos.  really… I wasn’t going to let anyone capture her first portraits!  and I hope to capture them every year from here on out!  I thought I’d share some of these very special photos with you.


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a new addition to the family

I’m finally catching up on some much needed blog postings.  Here are some photos I took at a session late last fall.  I was lucky enough to take photos of this beautiful family and their newborn (and amazingly cute) baby girl and her super energetic big brother.  Take a look at some of the highlights.



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and baby makes three

Say hello to the newest little boy to arrive at the McNeill house!  These parents are going to have their hands full with all of these little boys running around.  Take a look at a few photos from a session a few weeks ago!



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