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mrs. v

What could be a better gift than the gift of YOU? Mrs. V set up a boudoir shoot a few weeks before her wedding so she could give her fiance’ a pre-wedding gift. Some people make your job terribly easy, and Mrs.V was that sort of client.  So much confidence and she had so much fun rocking her photo shoot!

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miss j ~ boudoir ~ fayetteville, ar

some women just flat out have IT.  when i say “IT”, I mean bravery, confidence and sexiness.  Miss J is one of those women.  i absolutely love shooting boudoir sessions.  it’s such a great feeling when i show the client her photos on the camera, and she’s ecstatic about the photos and how she looks.  you can just see the confidence build from that moment on.  and i’m happy in some way that i was able to help her see her beauty and document it for others to see.  so, here are some photos from the brave, confident and sexy Miss J



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