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rachel + jeff ~ trash the dress ~ Bentonville, AR

So, I’ve seen many “Trash the Dress” sessions posted by photographers.  Some people do the shoots because they didn’t preserve their dress and just want one last hurrah with it, some do them because they’re recently divorced and just want to get rid of anything that reminds them of their past as a couple, and some people, like Rachel do it for their 10th wedding anniversary with their husband.  I couldn’t think of a better reason.  I was excited since it was my first trash the dress session, so I scouted for the perfect place for our session.  I found a nice creek in Bentonville with the perfect fall color, and on the day of our shoot, I put on my galoshes and captured Rachel and Jeff in the cold November water.  It was beautiful.

IMG_9662-1 IMG_9667-2 IMG_9683-3 IMG_9722-4 IMG_9724-5 IMG_9775-6 IMG_9846-7

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Shannon’s Bridals ~ Pratt Place Inn and Barn ~ Fayetteville, AR

Now that Shannon and Seth have tied the knot, I can share some of Shannon’s gorgeous photos from her bridal session at Pratt Place Inn and Barn.

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shannon + seth ~ pratt place inn wedding ~ fayetteville, ar

Some weddings are just downright fun.  That’s exactly what Shannon and Seth’s wedding at Pratt Place Inn was on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in October.  It was a Celtic themed wedding complete with pops of green everywhere, including the bride and groom’s matching green Converse sneakers. Have a look at the photos and see if you can’t hold back a smile.

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I just loved this idea that the bride approached me about.  3 generations of brides and rings.

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becca + robert ~ family farm wedding ~ highfill, ar

Becca and Robert had the cards stacked against them this rainy September day.  We’d had a beautiful fall so far in Northwest Arkansas, but on their wedding day, there was a monsoon projected ALL DAY LONG.  Luckily, the clouds broke for an hour and a half.  Just long enough for guests to arrive and for the beautiful ceremony to be held on the hill on Becca’s parent’s farm, in front of a beautiful lone oak.  After the ceremony, the rain again commenced, but everyone was already warm and dry under the reception tent.

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polina + danny ~ St.Catherine’s at Bell Gable ~ Fayetteville, AR

Last month, I had the honor of taking photos for some very good friends of mine at a small, intimate ceremony at the gorgeous St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable chapel and grounds.  It was a foggy and warm August morning.  I’m glad we got there early before the heat REALLY kicked in.  Congrats, Polina and Danny!  I couldn’t be happier to be a part of your wedding day.

The beautiful bride!

967A3324-24 967A3323-23

What a cutie pie!


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Aren’t those kids the cutest?  I love the hat.  It’s a such a fashionable touch.
967A3473-103 967A3352-35 967A3351-34

The groom’s sister decided to show the groom how it’s done!
967A3599-145 967A3589-142 967A3614-152

It’s a Ukranian wedding tradition to present the bride and groom with bread and salt to represent prosperity.


A photo of one of the better people on the planet.  The mother of the groom is a good friend of mine and one of the most selfless and positive people you’ll ever meet.


The groom’s reception wear.  He was so excited to have on this embroidered Cadillac shirt.  It IS pretty sweet.


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allison + brian ~ Hoffman Haus ~ Fredericksburg, TX

In early March, we had the privilege to capture one of the most epic wedding events ever.  Allison and Brian’s wedding! They were married at the wonderful Hoffman Haus in Fredericksburg, TX, and I don’t think a better time could have been had by all who attended.  Check out some of the highlights from this truly awesome event!


Here are some highlights from the rehearsal!

And now, the wedding day!

And ending the epic wedding weekend?  Sunday brunch.


Congrats, Allison and Brian!

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