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a session in central arkansas

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A day in the life

We have some really good friends of ours that I went to visit in the spring.  They wanted to do a sort of  “day(s) in the life” project with them while I was there, and I jumped at the chance.  I think these are so much fun, and really show the family as it is, unpolished, fun and real. I’d love to have an opportunity to book a day in the life session with a client.   If you’re interested, email me.  melissa@melissabrawner.com


Such a cutie pie even after she’s just woken up!



Bath time with Mom.






Lunch time with Dad. 967A4700-3 967A4708-4 967A4723-5


Storytime with Dad967A4737-6 967A4750-7 967A4765-8

Storytime with Mom

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Keepin’ it real with the documentation of a tantrum.


Emptying the laundry basket… I’m sure she was just trying to help!


Learning to walk

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an afternoon downtown

Howdy, everyone!  I’ve been super busy this summer with lots and lots of travel, but luckily, at each stop I’ve had my camera.  So, here’s the first of several blog posts this week.

So, in late May, I had a session with one of my clients down on Dickson Street and the square.  Here are a few shots from the session.

What a beautiful girl!


High fives are SO yesterday.  Today, every kid knows the exploding fist bump.


Sweet Mommy and daughter moment


Love these sweet little hands!  Blue polish is my favorite.
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growing up


These little ladies that you’re about to see below have been in front of my camera since I started portrait photography, almost 3  years ago.  It’s been an absolute joy watching them grow up year after year.  I look forward to our future portrait sessions.  Oh, and check out the girls’ outfits.  They were so fun!




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a new addition to the family

I’m finally catching up on some much needed blog postings.  Here are some photos I took at a session late last fall.  I was lucky enough to take photos of this beautiful family and their newborn (and amazingly cute) baby girl and her super energetic big brother.  Take a look at some of the highlights.



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