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alyssa ~ fayetteville high school senior ~ fayetteville, ar ~ 2016

I’ve had quite a few senior sessions lately, and boy have they been fun! Alyssa’s session was no exception. She has such a cool sense of self and style. I was happy to be able to capture some photos of her before graduation in the Spring!

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parker ~ fayetteville high school senior ~ fayetteville, ar ~ 2016

I had so much fun running around downtown Fayetteville with Parker last week. He’s such a cool guy and it was a pleasure to get to document his senior year before he moves off to bigger adventures!

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jacob ~ fayetteville high school senior ~ 2013

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amber + brandon ~ engaged! ~ Wilson Park ~ Fayetteville, AR

I’m SO excited about shooting Amber and Brandon’s wedding in the spring.  They’ve picked the perfect location for their wedding at St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable!  They’re true Fayetteville folks, so they decided to have their engagement session at Wilson Park.  It’s one of my favorite places to take photos. Editing these photos, Amber kept reminding me of Kelly Macdonald from Boardwalk Empire.  See if you think the same! Here are some highlights from the session!  Congrats Amber and Brandon!



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alyssa ~ fayetteville high school senior ~ 2011

i’ve been living next door to alyssa and her family for 10 years.  alyssa was 7 when we moved in. my, time sure does fly.  she’ll be graduating from high school in a few months.  it’s been a joy to be neighbors with her and her family all of these years.  i’ve been able to watch her grow up and hear all of the stories from her dad about her accomplishments in school and in cheering competitions.  a few weeks ago, I was able to take her senior pictures.  what a beautiful woman she’s turned out to be! congrats, alyssa!

IMG_9644-36-6IMG_9606-31-5 IMG_9565-23-4 IMG_9542-20-3 IMG_9501-12-2

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