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maddie ~ greenland high school senior ~ greenland, ar ~ 2016

Check out some of the highlights from a senior session earlier this week. Maddie was such a joy to work with and such a beauty!

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katy + jake ~ engaged ~ fayetteville town square ~ old main lawn ~ fayetteville, ar

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an afternoon downtown

Howdy, everyone!  I’ve been super busy this summer with lots and lots of travel, but luckily, at each stop I’ve had my camera.  So, here’s the first of several blog posts this week.

So, in late May, I had a session with one of my clients down on Dickson Street and the square.  Here are a few shots from the session.

What a beautiful girl!


High fives are SO yesterday.  Today, every kid knows the exploding fist bump.


Sweet Mommy and daughter moment


Love these sweet little hands!  Blue polish is my favorite.
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