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cami + daniel ~ Lone Oak Barn ~ Round Rock, TX

I love referrals, especially referrals from the very first wedding I photographed.  I have some very close friends, Kelly and Eric, that were doing a budget wedding when I first started doing photography as a hobbyist. Luckily they had several photographer hobbyist friends and they did a sort of photography by committee setup.  I was the main photographer and also a bridesmaid.  It was exhausting but SO rewarding!  So, when I was contacted by Kelly’s brother and his bride to be, Cami, I was beyond excited!  This was my 3rd wedding in Texas and I was so glad to get to warmer temperatures!  Cami and Daniel’s wedding day was a gorgeous 70 degrees.  It was a bit windy, but you really couldn’t have asked for a better January wedding day.  The venue was a gorgeous new wedding venue in Round Rock, The Lone Oak Barn.  The day was packed with love and tears and laughing.  Their officiant could have had a second job as a comedian and kept the ceremony very entertaining and sweet.  Congrats, Cami and Daniel.  I was so happy to be there and capture your wedding day!

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Cami and Daniel did a “first look” to leave time for more family photos before the ceremony.  I don’t get to do these very often, because most couples wait until the ceremony to see each other, but I think it’s such a sweet moment when couples decide to see each other privately and have a moment together before the full wedding day whirlwind starts.

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