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kendra + james ~ st. catherines at bell gable ~ fayetteville, ar

Kendra and James were married this past weekend at St.Catherine’s. I just love this fairy tale setting and this tiny chapel! Kendra was absolutely stunning in her elegant, but simple dress, and James was just about as joyful as any groom I’ve seen. I’m so happy for them and their joined families!

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alexa + clint ~ engaged ~ bentonville, ar

We had the most perfect spring day to capture Alexa and Clint’s engagement photos. Can’t you just see how these two are head over heels in love?

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becca + robert ~ family farm wedding ~ highfill, ar

Becca and Robert had the cards stacked against them this rainy September day.  We’d had a beautiful fall so far in Northwest Arkansas, but on their wedding day, there was a monsoon projected ALL DAY LONG.  Luckily, the clouds broke for an hour and a half.  Just long enough for guests to arrive and for the beautiful ceremony to be held on the hill on Becca’s parent’s farm, in front of a beautiful lone oak.  After the ceremony, the rain again commenced, but everyone was already warm and dry under the reception tent.

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amber + brandon ~ St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable Wedding ~ Town Hall Reception ~ Fayetteville, AR

This spring has been awesomely springy, hasn’t it?  I’ve loved the mild weather and being outside.  I especially love outdoor weddings.  Amber and Brandon were lucky enough to have one of those perfectly beautiful outdoor weddings on a perfectly beautiful day at the perfectly lovely St.Catherine’s at Bell Gable.  The day started out with a threat of rain, and there were even a couple of sprinkles for a time, but come game time, the day was gorgeous.  the bride was also pretty gorgeous herself.  check out some moments from this perfect day.

IMG_0532-XL IMG_0591-XL



Venue: St Catherine’s at Bell Gable
Flowers: Rose of Sharon Event Florists

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growing up


These little ladies that you’re about to see below have been in front of my camera since I started portrait photography, almost 3  years ago.  It’s been an absolute joy watching them grow up year after year.  I look forward to our future portrait sessions.  Oh, and check out the girls’ outfits.  They were so fun!




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miss j ~ boudoir ~ fayetteville, ar

some women just flat out have IT.  when i say “IT”, I mean bravery, confidence and sexiness.  Miss J is one of those women.  i absolutely love shooting boudoir sessions.  it’s such a great feeling when i show the client her photos on the camera, and she’s ecstatic about the photos and how she looks.  you can just see the confidence build from that moment on.  and i’m happy in some way that i was able to help her see her beauty and document it for others to see.  so, here are some photos from the brave, confident and sexy Miss J



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amber + brandon ~ engaged! ~ Wilson Park ~ Fayetteville, AR

I’m SO excited about shooting Amber and Brandon’s wedding in the spring.  They’ve picked the perfect location for their wedding at St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable!  They’re true Fayetteville folks, so they decided to have their engagement session at Wilson Park.  It’s one of my favorite places to take photos. Editing these photos, Amber kept reminding me of Kelly Macdonald from Boardwalk Empire.  See if you think the same! Here are some highlights from the session!  Congrats Amber and Brandon!



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