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kendra + james ~ st. catherines at bell gable ~ fayetteville, ar

Kendra and James were married this past weekend at St.Catherine’s. I just love this fairy tale setting and this tiny chapel! Kendra was absolutely stunning in her elegant, but simple dress, and James was just about as joyful as any groom I’ve seen. I’m so happy for them and their joined families!

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dyann + michael ~ St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable ~ fayetteville, ar

Love is sweet.  Sometimes it can be just as sweet the second time around.  That’s what happened with Dyann and Michael.  They’d both lost spouses and years later found love again when some mutual friends introduced them.  They’ve been together ever since.  It was a wonderful afternoon documenting how crazy in love these kids are.




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andrea + alex ~ St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable Wedding ~ James at the Mill Reception ~ Fayetteville, AR

Winter weddings are so underrated.  I’m really waiting for that perfect winter wedding where there’s just the right dusting of snow to make everything even more magical.  We ALMOST had that with Andrea and Alex’s wedding at St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable.  We were about 12 hours off on the snow.  But it was absolutely breathtaking nonetheless.  I just loved the sparkle accents on Andrea’s veil, and she happened to borrow her mother’s jacket, which was the perfect accent.  Congratulations Andrea and Alex!

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nisi + jordan ~ Thorncrown Wedding ~ Eureka Springs, AR

Some days I can’t believe I get paid to do what I do.  This wedding in September at the beautiful Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs was one of those days.  Nisi and Jordan are actors from New York City who came back to Nisi’s home state to tie the knot. Nisi happens to be an actress in one of my favorite series on HBO, Boardwalk Empire.  I was a bit starstruck, but that immediately subsided when I met Nisi.  She’s such a calm and peaceful soul, she just puts everyone around her at ease.  And Jordan exudes joy and energy.  They make a great yin to each other’s yang, and  they just glow when in each other’s presence.  That’s a joy to capture.  The wedding party and attendants were a small group, but each person had their particular “role” in this act of Nisi and Jordan’s life, including me.  I remember talking to Nisi in the months before the wedding, and she was interviewing me to make sure that I was the person that would fit well into their cast.  I was ecstatic to play the role.

I can’t wait to catch up with them again in the spring to take some head shots for them, and I might even catch Jordan playing the lead in Hamlet with the Arkansas Shakespeare Theater in Conway.  You should too!

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polina + danny ~ St.Catherine’s at Bell Gable ~ Fayetteville, AR

Last month, I had the honor of taking photos for some very good friends of mine at a small, intimate ceremony at the gorgeous St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable chapel and grounds.  It was a foggy and warm August morning.  I’m glad we got there early before the heat REALLY kicked in.  Congrats, Polina and Danny!  I couldn’t be happier to be a part of your wedding day.

The beautiful bride!

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What a cutie pie!


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Aren’t those kids the cutest?  I love the hat.  It’s a such a fashionable touch.
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The groom’s sister decided to show the groom how it’s done!
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It’s a Ukranian wedding tradition to present the bride and groom with bread and salt to represent prosperity.


A photo of one of the better people on the planet.  The mother of the groom is a good friend of mine and one of the most selfless and positive people you’ll ever meet.


The groom’s reception wear.  He was so excited to have on this embroidered Cadillac shirt.  It IS pretty sweet.


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