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anna + brad ~ st. catherine’s at bell gable ~ fayetteville, ar

Small, intimate weddings are some of the most memorable ones for me. Anna and Brad were married on a beautiful overcast fall day at St.Catherine’s. I just loved the fall accents from Anna’s bouquet to Brad’s tie. Here are a few photos I’d like to share!

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kendra + james ~ st. catherines at bell gable ~ fayetteville, ar

Kendra and James were married this past weekend at St.Catherine’s. I just love this fairy tale setting and this tiny chapel! Kendra was absolutely stunning in her elegant, but simple dress, and James was just about as joyful as any groom I’ve seen. I’m so happy for them and their joined families!

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natalie + jason ~ st. catherine’s at bell gable ~ fayetteville, ar

I love weddings.  All types of weddings, but it really feel so special to be involved in capturing the small ceremonies.  Natalie and Jason were married at St. Catherines at Bell Gable in a small ceremony in front of a few friends and family.

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dyann + michael ~ St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable ~ fayetteville, ar

Love is sweet.  Sometimes it can be just as sweet the second time around.  That’s what happened with Dyann and Michael.  They’d both lost spouses and years later found love again when some mutual friends introduced them.  They’ve been together ever since.  It was a wonderful afternoon documenting how crazy in love these kids are.




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andrea + alex ~ St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable Wedding ~ James at the Mill Reception ~ Fayetteville, AR

Winter weddings are so underrated.  I’m really waiting for that perfect winter wedding where there’s just the right dusting of snow to make everything even more magical.  We ALMOST had that with Andrea and Alex’s wedding at St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable.  We were about 12 hours off on the snow.  But it was absolutely breathtaking nonetheless.  I just loved the sparkle accents on Andrea’s veil, and she happened to borrow her mother’s jacket, which was the perfect accent.  Congratulations Andrea and Alex!

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