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christi + kip ~ St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable ~ fayetteville, ar

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road trippin’ through the delta – part 1

I grew up in the Arkansas Delta, in Wynne, AR.  It was a small town, and after graduation, I was determined to leave town and discover new places.  Now I find that after I’ve moved away, visited other states and other countries, I wanted to go back home and re-discover the Delta I was so determined to leave all those years ago.   A week long road trip was something that some friends and I had discussed doing, and a few weeks ago, we finally made this happen.  Here’s the first part of my discovery of the Delta in photos.  If you’re interested in a print, email me or check here later this week to purchase.

The Delta was just swarming with dragonflies


Here was a boarded up bar in Brinkley, AR.  I’m guessing they might have had a problem with people taking beverages outside.

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The Delta had pop-up thunderstorms a plenty.  They made for some great dramatic pictures.


We visited the Central Delta Depot and Museum in Brinkley, AR.  This was a major rail hub when it opened in 1912.


This photo was on display at the museum. Wow.  Puppies, kids and…. guns?


If you’re ever in the Brinkley area, I recommend you find the Louisiana Purchase State Park.  If you can manage to ignore the swarms of mosquitoes, it’s quite an experience.  It’s so quiet and peaceful walking through the tall trees of this  headwater swamp to see the marker that was placed to recognize one of the original survey points for the Louisiana land purchase.

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More thunderstorms…


Farming in the delta


I was able to track down my grandparents’ old cabin near Holly Grove at East Lake.  It was great going back and seeing the place where I spent so many summers with my cousins and grandparents.  We had such a great time there when we were kids.

967A9824-12 967A9829-13

Here’s a burger joint in Helena, AR with a great sign.


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