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the davises ~ bentonville, ar

I’ve had so many new clients this season and it’s been so much fun meeting each and every one of them! I met up with the Davises on Monday in Bentonville for some fun around the museum at sunset.

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cami + daniel ~ Lone Oak Barn ~ Round Rock, TX

I love referrals, especially referrals from the very first wedding I photographed.  I have some very close friends, Kelly and Eric, that were doing a budget wedding when I first started doing photography as a hobbyist. Luckily they had several photographer hobbyist friends and they did a sort of photography by committee setup.  I was the main photographer and also a bridesmaid.  It was exhausting but SO rewarding!  So, when I was contacted by Kelly’s brother and his bride to be, Cami, I was beyond excited!  This was my 3rd wedding in Texas and I was so glad to get to warmer temperatures!  Cami and Daniel’s wedding day was a gorgeous 70 degrees.  It was a bit windy, but you really couldn’t have asked for a better January wedding day.  The venue was a gorgeous new wedding venue in Round Rock, The Lone Oak Barn.  The day was packed with love and tears and laughing.  Their officiant could have had a second job as a comedian and kept the ceremony very entertaining and sweet.  Congrats, Cami and Daniel.  I was so happy to be there and capture your wedding day!

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Cami and Daniel did a “first look” to leave time for more family photos before the ceremony.  I don’t get to do these very often, because most couples wait until the ceremony to see each other, but I think it’s such a sweet moment when couples decide to see each other privately and have a moment together before the full wedding day whirlwind starts.

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road trippin’ through the delta ~ part 4

I grew up in the Arkansas Delta, in Wynne, AR.  It was a small town, and after graduation, I was determined to leave town and discover new places.  Now I find that after I’ve moved away, visited other states and other countries, I wanted to go back home and re-discover the Delta I was so determined to leave all those years ago.   A week long road trip was something that some friends and I had discussed doing, and a few months ago, we finally made this happen.

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Day 4 was packed full of traveling and adventure.  We waved goodbye to the Shack Up Inn and headed toward Memphis, blaring Stax recording artists in the car on our way to the Stax Museum of American Soul Music where one of my all time favorites, Otis Redding and one of the best house bands of all time, Booker T & the M.G.’s recorded.  There were tons of other great Memphis Soul artists that Stax developed there too.  If you’re ever in Memphis, put this on your must see list.

967A9957-3 967A9964-4 967A9967-5From Memphis we headed back to our home town of Wynne, AR to visit some friends visiting from Baltimore.  Here’s a cute pic of our friend and author CL Bledsoe with his dad and daughter.


This tiny building in Twist, AR is where B.B. King rescued his guitar from a raging fire and then gave it the name of  Lucille.  The link here will tell you the entire story.


A late summer day at a farm in Twist



Delta Roads less traveled allow for shots like this.



Last on the list for the day was to find the giant siphons in Marked Tree.  The trip on the gravel roads to our final location was beautiful as the sun was setting.

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The old lock and dam house, before the siphons were installed.



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