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becca + robert ~ family farm wedding ~ highfill, ar

Becca and Robert had the cards stacked against them this rainy September day.  We’d had a beautiful fall so far in Northwest Arkansas, but on their wedding day, there was a monsoon projected ALL DAY LONG.  Luckily, the clouds broke for an hour and a half.  Just long enough for guests to arrive and for the beautiful ceremony to be held on the hill on Becca’s parent’s farm, in front of a beautiful lone oak.  After the ceremony, the rain again commenced, but everyone was already warm and dry under the reception tent.

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jill + johnny ~ backyard wedding ~ springdale, ar

Jill and Johnny are laid back and low key.  They decided the perfect wedding would be close to home and close to friends and family.  Here are some highlights from their at home backyard wedding!

IMG_1272-7 IMG_1208-3 IMG_1298-8 IMG_1229-5 IMG_1223-4 IMG_1206-2 IMG_1318-9 IMG_1359-14 IMG_1364-15 IMG_1426-16 IMG_1450-17 IMG_1508-18 IMG_1513-19 IMG_1526-20 IMG_1324-10 IMG_1560-21 IMG_1246-6 IMG_1330-11 IMG_1350-13 IMG_1331-12 IMG_1751-25 IMG_1649-22 IMG_1711-24 IMG_1659-2 IMG_1668-3 IMG_1657-23 IMG_1707-4Jill and Johnny are laid back and low key.  They decided the perfect wedding would be close to home and close to friends and family.  Here are some highlights below.


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amber + brandon ~ St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable Wedding ~ Town Hall Reception ~ Fayetteville, AR

This spring has been awesomely springy, hasn’t it?  I’ve loved the mild weather and being outside.  I especially love outdoor weddings.  Amber and Brandon were lucky enough to have one of those perfectly beautiful outdoor weddings on a perfectly beautiful day at the perfectly lovely St.Catherine’s at Bell Gable.  The day started out with a threat of rain, and there were even a couple of sprinkles for a time, but come game time, the day was gorgeous.  the bride was also pretty gorgeous herself.  check out some moments from this perfect day.

IMG_0532-XL IMG_0591-XL



Venue: St Catherine’s at Bell Gable
Flowers: Rose of Sharon Event Florists

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allison + brian ~ Hoffman Haus ~ Fredericksburg, TX

In early March, we had the privilege to capture one of the most epic wedding events ever.  Allison and Brian’s wedding! They were married at the wonderful Hoffman Haus in Fredericksburg, TX, and I don’t think a better time could have been had by all who attended.  Check out some of the highlights from this truly awesome event!


Here are some highlights from the rehearsal!

And now, the wedding day!

And ending the epic wedding weekend?  Sunday brunch.


Congrats, Allison and Brian!

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katie + seth ~ St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable



I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog entry. I’ve been SO busy with traveling and fall photo shoots. So, you’ll be seeing lots of blog entries to come. Let me show you some pictures from another wedding at the beautiful St Catherine’s at Bell Gable. This wedding was for a good friend’s sister, Katie I’ve been lucky to have the absolute BEST brides to work with. Katie was no exception. I think she wins the “most laid back bride” award. She just went with the flow, and everything turned out perfectly. One of my personal favorite photos was of her listening to the Hogs game with her brother in law. A bride has to have her priorities after the “I do’s” are said. Congrats, Katie and Seth!

IMG_5864-1470108205-O IMG_6514-Limg_6411 img_6516 IMG_6620-LIMG_6598-L IMG_6660-1470024437-O-16 IMG_6628-1470002465-O-14IMG_6698-1470050951-O-17

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angela + chris ~ Mildred B Cooper Chapel ~ Bella Vista, AR

A couple of weekends ago, we had the absolute pleasure of taking pictures at Angela and Chris’ wedding.  They were married at the stunning Mildred B Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista.  The weather was perfect and the bride was absolutely gorgeous.  Both families were so great, and I don’t think there could have been a more sweet and loving group of people gathered in one place.  The wedding was simple and sweet, and Angela’s dog, Lukas as the ring bearer was the cherry on top!  Here are a few pictures from the wedding and reception.  Congrats, Angela and Chris!


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